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        GRAVITY is a rock group of superb tightness with the sensibilities, variety and dynamics in the style of Deep Purple and Rainbow. With the precision of a thunderous rhythm section, the piercing vocals and guitar flow on top with powerful beauty.



voice/6 string bass

          David Lee Redding (Greywolf) is of Cherokee Indian heritage. His family has always been musicians and teachers. All he has ever known are these two professions. He has a music education degree and has taught music of almost every instrument for 30 years. He has performed with or for people like Steve Vai , JB Frank of Kingdom Come , John Waite, Neal Schon of Journey and even the astronaut, John Glenn and many more. He was nominated for actor of the year in the role of Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar. He also played  Rocky in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

           His vocal range is soaring highs in the style of  Glenn Hughes ,Queen, Toto and Kansas with the ability to dig to deep baritone lows. He is a rocker with strong, trible Indian roots and spirituality and the fun of a funk singer from the 70's.

            His bass playng is always appropriate, but filled with gems of blast note runs that rival any guitarist.

           "Love, strength, and honor" is his motto.



lead guitar/flikara


                Miro Blazek  was born in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic. From his teenage years he has been a lead guitarist. From the early 70's to the mid 80's he was the founder and songwriter of 2 rock bands called "Satisfakce and Blok". You can find more details from his journey in the special edition book published in that rock era.

                For the past 30 years,he has lived in the United States.He performed in a few rock bands : Project B.,Sound Formation, Desert Island and his latest band is called Gravity, where he is currently performing predominantly original songs.

               "Be happy, forgive and live life to the max" is his motto.


Danny P. Harkin



               Danny Harkin was born at Fort Riley Army Military hospital in Topeka, Kansas. At age 20 he played with Sheryl  Crow on her Tuesday Night Music Club Album.  He played with numerous Atlanta based local acts in the Hard Rock/Metal genre also appearing on MTV's Head Bangers' Ball Battle of the bands.

                He spent many years learning and playing at Avatar Studios an Atlanta, Georgia. His style and current musical interests are Rock, Grunge, Folk and Old Country. Curently, he has started  a Recording and engineering business.

                 "Aim high and never give up" is his motto.





Gravity with some of our fans and     friends from band Hard Colony


 With Petr Neumann from Fata Morgana

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